SOLIDCAD - The Simulation Specialists

SOLIDCAD provides a high level of analysis solutions and services to the engineering industry of South Africa. SOLIDCAD is not only an ANSYS Channel Partner, but has also grown its product portfolio to SpaceClaim, KeyCreator, Overland and Applied DEM which are either specialized or supplemental software.

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ANSYS simulation software enables organizations to confidently predict how their products will operate in the real world. ANSYS believes in Simulation-Driven Product Development and that every product is a promise of something greater.

Realize Your Product Promise - ANSYS | Realize Your Product Promise

SpaceClaim Engineer is any Engineering Organization's most versatile 3D modeler. It transforms businesses by empowering anyone, not just CAD users, to create and manipulate precise 3D models.

Whats New in SpaceClaim

KeyCreator Direct CAD for designers, manufacturers, and analysts that want a flexible fast way to create, change, analyze or communicate a mechanical part or design.

In 2003, CADKEY was renamed KeyCreator Direct CAD and is the only CAD software that can reliably read, edit and convert all the information contained in CADKEY files.

Belt Analyst™ First developed in 1996, Belt Analyst™ was developed by conveyor engineers to be used as a consulting tool to design and analyze the most difficult belt conveyor applications.

Dynamic Analyst™ is an add on module to Overland Conveyor Co's internationally renowned static analysis program; Belt Analyst™.

Applied DEM Inc. provides research and development othe Discrete Element Modeling mathmatical technique used to simulation bulk material flow. Applied DEM's Bulk Flow Analyst is developed by Material Handling Engineers for Material Handling Engineers.

Bulk Flow Analyst on the Cloud